Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to find out your Facebook Chat history

Facebook chat history. It’s really easy to find out. But if you are new on Facebook it’s so difficult because he don’t know about Facebook. So now I like to share those friends. You see when you chat your friend’s and another person on Facebook not a Facebook messenger that time if you follow your conversation you just see some but not full conversation. And some time you see your chat window is full that’s why you clear your chat history in chat window and start your chat or if you feel when I did complete my chat I will clear my chat window. It’s privacy or it’s a habit. Although you were clean your chat history on Facebook but it’s not forever. You can see again your full chat history. That’s amazing.

Now let’s go how can you see your full chat history.

1.      Log in your Facebook.

2.      Go to here

3.      You can search your friend’s name here. (Like that) i am searching my friend's Selin Uludag


4.      Now click on your friend’s name.

5.      Finally you see your full chat history.

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