Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to delete Facebook conversation/chat history forever

Facebook is the biggest popular social site. Huge users have stay connect with Facebook all time. This is an interesting place. Isn’t it? Anyway, Why are you use facebook? Basically I want to communicate with my friend’s and have some many reasons. Some time you feel how can delete my conversation forever but in the same time you feel if I delete my conversation with but how and is there any problem. If I delete then he/she will stay friend. Of course stay friend because you just clean your message not unfriend. It’s not a problem but remember that as you delete your conversation forever so next time you don’t get your old message. It’s forever.

So let’s go how to delete/remove conversation/chat history forever.

1.      Go to Facebook and log in your id. 

2.      Now you can click Messages. (Just like that)

3.      Choose your friend’s (like that)

4.      Now you see your all conversations.

5.      Just click here “Actions” (like that)

6.      Then click “Delete Conversations”

7.      When you click you see this message “Once you delete your copy of this conversation, it cannot be undone.” (Like that)

8.      Finally click “Delete conversation”

9.      Now you see no message here.(Now it's blank)

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