Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to create a Facebook fan page

This is the good way to promote your business or blog. But how can create Facebook Fan page. If you did like to create a Facebook Fan page so follow these easy steps.

Let’s go learn step by step
1.      Log in to your Facebook Account.

3.      Choose a classification that you need.
    * Local business or place
    * Artist, band, or public figure
    * Company, organization, or institution
    * Entertainment
    * Brand or product
    * Cause of community

4.      Select your classification

5.      Then choose a category and then type Name (Your Facebook Fan page title name.) click agrees to Facebook page terms. 

6.      Get Started
7.      Now set up your page

8.      Upload a photo From Computer.

9.      If you want to add to favorites, you can or skip

10.  Set up lovely poems (your page name) just skip this. 

11.  You have done to create a Facebook Fan page.

Now you can add cover photo and you can edit your page. You can post photo, video and share something that you want.
Now enjoy and share your Facebook Fan page with your Facebook friend’s.

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