Friday, February 28, 2014

How can I access my Facebook account when I forgot my password?

Hello everybody how was today? We use Facebook. Really Facebook is a amazing isn’t it. Today I discuss about Facebook password. Some time we forget password and we are very upset but if we know password forget is not a matter. Then we feel good otherwise tension. Well  if you forget your Facebook password. What you do? Now you think I have lost my Facebook id and now I create new Facebook. Not at all and  don’t worry. It’s a simple problem. If you remember your mail address and password. So you can easily access your Facebook account.

Let’s go how can I access my Facebook account

1.       Lets’ go Facebook and click Forget your password.

2.       Type your Email or user name or phone number. (Find your Facebook id)

3.      Then you see your Facebook Id and also see 3 options. (Looks like) 

4.      How would you like to reset your password?
5.      Choose your option.
6.      You can select 1st option, 2nd option or 3rd option.
7.      I will suggest you click 2nd option (Email me a link to reset my password) then continue.
8.      Now go to your email that you are used for Facebook.
9.      You see a mail that are send from Facebook. And copy the code and past then continue.

10. Now you type your new password and click continue. 

I hope you will get it. If you don’t understand this matter. Please below comment in comment box.

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