Friday, September 19, 2014

How to turn off chat all friends on Facebook (with picture)

Dear when we log in Facebook id we can see notification, messages, friend request etc. Some one doesn’t like to chat anyone. They are want to use Facebook only for latest news, some good information and like etc, they don’t want to chat any one but when you log in and your Facebook friend’s see you are online. They message you and you don’t avoid this. But you have no enough time for chat. Mostly girls are facing this problem. Because girls don’t want to chatting unknown person but guys don’t think so. So it’s the problem for some one.

If you know this solution it’s not a problem. You can turn off chat all friends on Facebook. It’s is the best facility because when you log in but your friend cant’ understand because you are off line. So anyone can’t message to you.

So now let’s go how is it possible? 

1.      Go to Facebook and log in your id

2.      Then click here (option).

3.      Click Turn off chat. 

4.      You can see this box.

5.      Click Turn off chat for all friends.

6.      Finally click OK button.

Now you see you are offline. Anyone can’t sms to you.


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